Competent People

A Competent person, as defined by the ASIB for the purposes of listing, is a person who has written and passed the ASIB Examination of Competency and holds a numbered Certificate of Competency.

A competent person is required to maintain their certificate through calculation submissions and by writing refresher tests as and when required.

Competency certificates are given to individuals, and individuals while in the employ of a specific company. This is indicated in the competency certificate number in the form of an I or a C, for example 2008C-001. A company certificate holder automatically nullifies his company certificate when he leaves the associated company. He shall be able to re-write the examination after a period of 6 months.

A Competent person can have his certificate rendered invalid for a variety of reasons such as, but not limited to, the following:
  • Gross negligence or incompetence
  • Consistent incorrect calculations in submissions
  • Failure to maintain their level of knowledge

The following people have achieved competency certificates and the status of that certificate is indicated as below:

Name Last Name Certificate Number Valid
Grahame   Bargate  2011I-053   
Henk   Coetzee  2012I-054   
Antonio Dias  Balanco  2012I-055   
Dorian   Krause  2012I-056   
Craig Desmond   Davis  2012I-058   
Riaan   Furstenburg  2012I-059   
Neil  De Saldanha  2012I-060   
Grahame  Brogden  2013I-061   
Jonathan   Lewis  2013I-062   
Jacqueline  Oeschger  2013I-069   
Jason  Gray  2013I-063   
Willem Roodt   Rossouw  2013I-064   
Martinho   de Freitas  2013I-065   
Quinton   Henning  2013I-066   
Matthew David   Collier  2013I-067   
Willem Jacobus  Herbst  2013C-068   
David  Odd  2009I-070   
Gordon  Moore  2014I-072   
Brodie  Robertson  2014I-073   
Saleem  Subrathi  2014I-071   
David Roy  Wicks  2015I-P001   
Wynand Louis  Bruwer  2015C-074   
Mark   Allen  2015I-075   
Shane  Wollenschlaeger  2015I-P002   
Cohan  Govender  2015I-076   
Jarred  Bothma  2016I-077   
Bradley Eric  Cramond  2016I-078   
Lloyd William  Herbst  2016I-079   
Russ  Lodetti  2016I-080   
Neil Clifford  Esprey  2016I-P003   
Garryn Zane   Brooks  2016C-081 / 2021C-P004   
Jean-Pierre   du Plessis  2016I-082   
Quinton   Larson  2016I-083   
Gary Mark  Le Breton  2016I-084   
Benjamin   Scheffer  2016I-085   
Jason   Palmer  2016I-086   
Christo  Furstenberg  2017C-087   
Trevor  Williams  2009I-020   
Clive  Adams  2014I-057   
Jaco  Bekker  2017I-088 / 2021I-P005