ASIB Installer Listing Procedure

Brief Explanation

Sprinkler systems are classed as life safety and property protection installations and this particular field of fixed fire protection must not be viewed as anything other than a full commitment to the protection of a potential client’s asset base using internationally accepted known and proven standards.

ASIB will list any company that is capable of correctly advising on and installing sprinkler installations and special risk protection.

The listing indicates to our clientele and those that use the listing for procurement purposes that the listed company is capable in that field, and that all work shall be inspected by ASIB on completion in order to assure the quality of the installation and protect the clients’ interests.

This irrevocably links our reputation with that of the listed companies. As a result, if the listed company installs work to an unacceptable standard, we are directly affected. Understandably, we are obliged to spend some time evaluating the company and its staff’s capabilities, and continue to monitor the listed company and all of its work for the duration of the listing.

We do not list companies that believe they are only capable or only want to do maintenance on sprinkler systems. A sprinkler system is designed in such a way that maintaining the system only will not guarantee it will control a fire. If a company or individual maintains part of a sprinkler system, they must be in a position of knowledge strong enough to be able to warn a client if a sprinkler system is likely to fail, regardless of the maintenance carried out.


There are two major attributes that are assessed and required for installer listing:

  • Does the company have staff that has on site sprinkler experience
  • Does the company have staff that are capable of advising on the risk and requirements of the sprinkler system in accordance with internationally acceptable and proven standards

Listing Procedure

The company listing is subject to the Rule Book Exam which is held annually in December with registration opening in November. This full-day examination covers the 10th, 11th, and 12th Edition Rules. The examination consists of both closed and open book sections. No more than two employees from the same company are permitted to sit for each examination session.

Attendees must bring their own copies of the rule books, writing implements, and scientific calculators. Computers and cell phones are strictly prohibited during the examination.

The examination is graded as follows:

90% to 100%: A+ Grade
80% to 89%: A Grade
70% to 79%: B Grade
60% to 69%: C Grade
59% or below: FAIL

The minimum grade for passing the examination is a C Grade, which corresponds to a score between 60% and 69%.

Upon successful completion of the examination by any attendee from your organisation, we will forward you the requisite registration document for your completion.

Upon reviewing and verifying that all provided documentation is in order, your company will be listed under the status of Provisional Installer.

Common Questions

Once listed, what are our obligations to the ASIB?

A listed company is obliged to submit all work to ASIB for inspection. This is not optional, and is a condition of listing. ASIB becomes the listed installer’s quality control for all sprinkler work, not just for the work some would like us to see.

There is an obligation to inform the client, whether this client be landlord, tenant or consultant, whether there is a deviation from the standard that the sprinkler system is installed to that may affect the function of the sprinkler system. This must be done in writing. Should the client choose to ignore your recommendation, this is then the client’s prerogative. Your obligation will be met by simply passing the correct information on.

What courses can I do to list with ASIB?

No course held by ASIB will automatically qualify a company for approval and neither does anyone need to do a course through the ASIB to be registered as an installer. Listing is knowledge based.

If you have a good in house training program, one can simply use the rule books to learn the theoretical skills to apply for listing. The practical skills are harder to achieve since most people learn these through years working on site on sprinkler installations.

  • We do not provide any training on the practical installation and maintenance of sprinkler systems.
  • All of our training is theoretical, and the 30 day course involves hydraulic calculation.
  • Our courses are listed on our website with details as to what you can expect on each course available.

I am registered at the SAQCC for extinguishers/gas/detection. Does this assist me in the listing process?

No. We are only interested in skill regarding sprinkler systems. Any other skills in fire protection are not relevant to the work done on sprinkler systems, and will not influence our recommendation in any way.

I am in security/ fire extinguishers/ plumbing/ gas/ detection and my client wants me to work on their sprinkler systems so that I can become a one-stop shop for all of their maintenance needs. How do I start getting into the sprinkler industry?

Fire Sprinklers, their design, installation and maintenance is a specialised field. It is not something that you are going to learn overnight, and it is certainly not a field that will just be a "small part of your business". It does not relate to plumbing, detection, gas or extinguishers, even though they all fall under the umbrella of "Fire Protection".

In our experience, a realistic amount of time to envisage from starting in the industry with no knowledge to having enough knowledge to list with the ASIB is generally about five years.

As a starting point, buy a rule book and read it.

Any rule book will do, but the easiest one to read, in our opinion, is the 11th Edition rules because of the way it is laid out. The 10th Edition is just as good, and knowledge of all 5 of the most commonly used standards in South Africa is needed in order to list in any event, but start with one rule book.

Reading a sprinkler rule book will give an idea of the expertise required in the field. If, after reading the rule book you feel that this is suited for the company, put into action a plan that will gain your company experience on site in order to start generating the CV required for the listing process.

Can I list and then gain the experience while I work as a provisional installer?

Absolutely not.

Our function is to list companies already capable. Our clients are not to be used as Guinea Pigs while someone learns their trade.