Competent People

A Competent person, as defined by the ASIB for the purposes of listing, is a person who has written and passed the ASIB Examination of Competency and holds a numbered Certificate of Competency.

A competent person is required to maintain their certificate through calculation submissions and by writing refresher tests as and when required.

Competency certificates are given to individuals, and individuals while in the employ of a specific company. This is indicated in the competency certificate number in the form of an I or a C, for example 2008C-001. A company certificate holder automatically nullifies his company certificate when he leaves the associated company. He shall be able to re-write the examination after a period of 6 months.

A Competent person can have his certificate rendered invalid for a variety of reasons such as, but not limited to, the following:
  • Gross negligence or incompetence
  • Consistent incorrect calculations in submissions
  • Failure to maintain their level of knowledge

The following people have achieved competency certificates and the status of that certificate is indicated as below:

Name Last Name Certificate Number Valid
AndrĂ©   Momberg  2022C-P009   
Kyle  Flanagan  2022C-P008   
Michael  Shires  2022C-P007   
Johannes Paulus Christiaan   Grobler  2021I-105   
ErvĂ©  Dorfling  2021I-101   
Cameron   van Wyk  2021C-103   
Herman   Rademan  2021C-101   
Razeen   Adams  2021C-100   
Johannes Christiaan   du Plessis  2020I-111   
Wade  Martin  2020I-110 / 2021I-P001   
Sarel  Odendaal  2020I-109    
Barry  Radmore  2019I-P006   
Catherine  Gill  2019I-108   
Piet  Schutte  2019I-107   
Dean  Waterston  2019I-104 / 2021I-P003   
Nathan Deon   Schoeman  2019I-102 / 2021I-P002   
Jesse  Kleve  2019I-101   
Rayno  van Niekerk  2019C-106 / 2022C-P006   
Wesley Dean  Mcleod  2019C-105   
Hein   Fietze  2019C-103   
Jason  Di Bona  2018I-P005   
Jacques  Stoop  2018I-P004 / 2021I-104   
Mark  Leedham  2018I-100   
Wade  Dixon  2018I-097   
Neil Owen  Sheldon  2018I-096   
Dirk  van der Walt  2018I-095   
Arisha  Maharajh  2018I-094   
Nicole  Viljoen  2018I-093   
Romaisa   Abdool  2018I-092   
Monique   van der Bank  2018C-099   
Dean Blaikner  Nord  2018C-098   
George  Gerber  2017I-091   
Matthew  Wentzel  2017I-090   
Johann  Du Preez  2017I-089   
Jaco  Bekker  2017I-088 / 2021I-P005   
Christo  Furstenberg  2017C-087   
Neil Clifford  Esprey  2016I-P003   
Jason   Palmer  2016I-086   
Benjamin   Scheffer  2016I-085   
Gary Mark  Le Breton  2016I-084